Services we provide

Undercover Operations

Our Operators are highly trained professionals and are very adept in creating fake identities that fulfill our missions. We concentrate on gathering intelligence, our preparation and research is the key to success.

VIP Protection

We know how to set up a game scenario and how to keep the VIP unscathed while moving through hostile territory, rigged with IEDs and the constant threat of insurgents.

Modern Warfare

The Ares-Defense-Group is committed to being a leading provider of high-quality airsoft training and security services gameplay in airsoft sector, while adhering to the highest standards of gameplay and fun complying with all applicable laws and regulations.

Who we are

We are highly trained Professionals with a wide range of experience in modern warfare.

As the business leader in Airsoft Consulting, it's our obligation to equip our consultants with only the best gear that you can find on the market.

Each one of our consultants has a  vast amount of military and tactical experience.

We not only do local, but also oversea jobs.

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